Membership/Outreach: includes maintaining communication to all businesses about the benefits of membership including, joint promotions, shared costs of marketing, creation of unified voice to speak for business owner needs, the development of  block captains as lines of communication to businesses, the collection of relevant information needed to do business downtown and a how to for new businesses, and to develop and provide relevant educational opportunities. We will revive Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies.


Marketing/Social Media: includes the creation of, and locating, marketing opportunities for downtown businesses, collaborating with third party organizations to promote downtown businesses, and creation of content for social media and other advertisement for Specific Promotions. A great benefit for membership is our now growing FB and the future IG account. We plan on renaming yjr pages, and featuring member businesses, products, themes, as well as showcase what’s available downtown. 


Promotion/Planning: includes creation and maintenance of a downtown calendar, creation of promotions that include a representation of all downtown businesses with the intent to drive customers to the businesses, and promotion of outside events that bring customers to downtown. 


Advocacy/Community Action: includes identifying community and governmental issues that may impede downtown business development, locating persons and entities who may be able to help bring resolution to issues, maintaining contact with the downtown business membership to gain knowledge of issues that impact, and attend relevant city council or other meetings that deal with community issues which affect downtown business development.


While we are not always completely successful in our endeavors, we always strive to listen and respond to the concerns of all downtown stakeholders and work toward solutions for problems. Building our membership creates a bigger voice for our downtown.