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Paid parking after 5pm and during events on weekends has a negative impact on the cultural and

economic vitality of downtown. It hinders patrons and investors. No other North Carolina large city

penalizes visitors to their downtown businesses, art venues, restaurants or cultural events by

enforcing paid parking in the evening.


Experience over the past year and a half has taught us that paid parking after 5pm drives away

customers and visitors, the parking machinery remains defective, the parking signage is inaccurate

and there is little wayfinding for visitors. It is time for change.


We are NOT against paid event parking in some parking lots near the stadium during baseball games.

There is a need for enforcement to manage usable space for small time periods for baseball games.

Away from the stadium area many lots stand empty due to lack of game goers demand, and drive off

much-needed weekend business customers. We believe that the length of event parking should be

limited to 1 hour before the baseball game and end 1/2 hour after.



More information coming soon!